Property Inspection for UK Immigration & Visa

To complete the Accommodation | Housing | Home Inspection Report for Entry Clearance our expert surveyor will physically visit your property at a convenient time arranged with you. During the visit they will take notes of the external structural features. If the surveyor is not able to access the whole property then we will not be able to give a detailed report on the inspection.

To produce the report sponsor/applicant will have to provide the following documents:

  • Full name, passport number, and DoB of the applicant
  • Full name, passport number, and DoB of the sponsor
  • The address of the property inspected
  • Details of Homeowner/Landlord
  • People currently occupying the property and their details
  • Identification i.e. driver license, utility/council tax bill, tenancy agreement

How is a Property/Home Inspection Report compiled?

Before visiting the property we will let you know exactly what we need, as we guide you every step of the way. You will also be asked questions relating to your property. The living spaces will be measured.

  • Property is safe and in a good state of repair, also doesn’t pose any health and safety risks
  • Has adequate kitchen and bathroom facilities (shared facilities with another family is not acceptable)
  • The Property is owned or occupied exclusively by the sponsor/sponsor’s family (the property is not suitable if it is shared with members of another family)
  • The property is rented has a copy of a current gas safety certificate (your landlord should provide a copy to you every 12 months)
  • Property has a sufficient number of rooms of adequate sizes so that an assessment can be made on whether or not the property will become overcrowded if more people were to move in.

If you want to consult or book for a property inspection please call us on 078 8620 5101 / 020 3535 6050 or